Baby rhino to make public debut at werribee zoo

Baby rhino to make public debut at werribee zoo

THE animal lovers from Sydney could soon be in a race to keep the big cat from being lost in the wild again.

The new rhino exhibition at the Sydney Zoo opened today and the animals who showed up to greet the public before the opening ceremonies were the very same cats the zoo was recently releasing back into the wild.

KEEPING THE BIG CAT FROM LOSING AN INSPIRATION In February we introduced our first three new rhino cubs into th바카라e wild as part of our “Sydney Rhino Conservation Tour.” You can see videos of the arrival here

The new tigers, rangers say, come a few weeks after Sydney Zoo rangers released 14 adult rangers and a female tiger into the wild.

The rangers say the reintroduction of the animals is part of a concerted push by the zoo in bringing the animal back into its normal habitat.

A spokeswoman for the zoo said the goal was “to reintroduce an existing population of tigers in Australia, and increase the numbers of older males by bringing back the females”.

The first tigers to arrive at the zoo in Fe더킹카지노bruary arrived after being released into the wild and are expected to stay there until the following summer, when they will be considered permanently released.

The rangers want to keep these new tigers because they show promise as a deterrent to poachers.

The zoo has set up a website for members of the public to call in to voice their concerns about the animals.

The public can now contact the zoo through the website by texting the word rhino to 810023 and the number 1644 to record a message.

The following day, the rangers will be collecting the animals, who the visitors hope to have back within a couple of weeks, and will then be putting them on exhibit inside a glass enclosure in the big cat enclosure.

media_camera Kangaroos at the Sydney Zoo as part of the ‘Sydney Rhino Conservation Tour’, the show’s theme, in February 2012.

media_camera Rhinos at the Sydney Zoo in February 2012. Picture: Dave Mardell

Sydney’s first rhino was released into the wi바카라사이트ld in 1996, following a four-year battle between its previous owner and poachers, and has since been in captivity with eight other animals.

In 2005, the zoo received permission to release an additional 12 adult rhinos back into the wild.

The zoo made the move of releasing the new animal