R-D-C scene

The space between known as Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill was highlighted in the New York Times for an article on Winter Travel 2010. Downtown Dame comments…and I’d rather not refer to it as the Research Triangle…

Raleigh Denim — Just saw the duo recently outside their jean lab while at a Design Box internet conference after-party (don’t ask), watching awesome people throw fire (do ask).

Kings Barcade — Have had this place on the brain for a while now, the fact that it was recently resurrected from an untimely death in 2007 is a good sign.

The Pig — Simple. Good. For a BBQ joint, if this is your M.O. I’m in. Which is interesting because the chef here adds his own variations to tradition, but if he manages to retain the elemental values then I’m still in.

Independent Weekly — There is one lasting love of a reason I pick up this paper every Wednesday – Rob Brezsny’s Horoscope. Ha! Yes, it’s whack but it’s honest. And something about reading it in the paper is way more mystical and awesome than online. Online seems cheap and rude. As for the articles, the meat, they’ve grown on me. I don’t know if I just wasn’t ready for them or if they’ve gotten more interesting or if the Indy has hired better writers. Regardless, I’ve found myself tuning out distractions to get the full story.

OnlyBurger — They were in the running for Food Network’s Food Truck contest, rocking at Big Boss’s Big Food Truck Fest and have a breakfast special that sounds worth getting out of a cozy bed for. Dirty D, represent.

Mac McCaughan and Andrea Reusing — Music and food are two things that have the ability to take you from bad mood to awesome in a little more than an instant. Together they are magical, so it’s great to know more about the minds behind Merge Records and Lantern restaurant. And to know they’re from ’round these parts.

North Carolina Museum of Art
– CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVEN’T BEEN TO THE REVAMPED NCMoA YET. It’s like, plans made. canceled. remade. forgotten. I sound like I have a problem but really I’m just going to places that sell beer instead. Wait, maybe that is a problem.

Rock Paper Scissors Salon – Everything about this place makes me happy. It reminds me of a dream to have a studio where people come in and set up their creative space — murals, photography, writing, you only create your own ceiling. It’s all about the multi-use, the multi-dimensional. This place has a dominate goal though – to cut your hair – plus the extras. Homemade brews, an art gallery with bi-monthly openings and games (pinball, wifi).

Locopops – Ya know, I need to be convinced on this one being included alongside the rest. Quirky flavors, cool. On Hillsborough St, great and good luck. But what is it that makes this place so special? Perhaps I need to go inside and see for myself.

Raleigh Rickshaw – Radical. Totally before and behind it’s time all at the same time. I especially love that NYT called us out for being drunks.

Vintage 21 Church – Theology on Tap, huh? My take on this being mentioned is to show New Yorkers that yes, we will keep our southern church and yes, we will put it downtown and get it drunk. On Sunday, after 12pm.

The space between known as Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill was highlighted in the New York Times for an article on Winter Travel 2010. Downtown Dame comments…and I’d rather not refer to it as the Research Triangle…

fashionSPOTLIGHT…Good Girls Studio

I wanna give a shout out to Good Girls Studio.

Johanna Ely is the creative mind behind the re-invented jewelry and very vintage motif of GGS, and her work impressed me as freshly retro a few months ago at fashionSPARK when I saw her they-tried-to-make-me-go-to-rehab models storm the runway.

She specializes in specializing. Custom work. Old to new and back again. And if you’d like to see her check out these events.

Sat. Nov.6th, Troika Music Fest Craft Show in Durham
Fri. Nov.19th, Revolver Anniversary party in Raleigh

From Johanna — My designs are created from vintage, antique & salvaged treasures. When I can’t find something I need in vintage condition I upcycle/repurpose from newer material found at thrift stores. The theme behind my collections is Unlocking Hidden Treasures…giving new life to jewelry that would otherwise be thrown away or just sit in your jewelry box unworn. If I must purchase something in new condition I shop local independently owned stores to give back to my community. Recently my jewelry has been featured at the ReUse Conex in Durham as part of the ReDress Raleigh fashion show, and the Cooke St. Carnival.

All good girls go bad…sometimes…