Guest-City Post: One of Greensboro’s Greatest Charms, Suds & Duds

A friend texted me the other day and asked, “Where’s the closest laundry mat?” Since there wasn’t one nearby that rung a bell and thus I didn’t have a helpful reply, I guess my brain instead heard “Where’s the closest dry cleaners?” So, after giving directions to Jin’s on Fairview at 5 points and Dry Clean City on Peace, he reminded me that he was in fact referring to the machines that need quarters.

Ah, yes. A laundry mat. How is it that after going to college here and now living a hop-skip-and-jump from Hillsborough Street (college central), I can’t think of a single one?

Then I had a light bulb business idea. Raleigh needs a Suds & Duds. Located at 2114 Walker Avenue, it’s one of Greensboro’s greatest bar charms.

(notice the funny Saved By the Bell looking clock)

It’s all about the Washingtons. Quarters that is. For washers, dryers, pool tables…the juke box and mini-basketball game in the back… Here you’ll never come across the same scene or the same song. Just a good ole, take-er-easy kinda place. The kinda place The Stranger might visit in Los Angel-es.

Which flicks on another business-bulb. Put it beside The Alley. Can you imagine the florescent glory? The sound of Johnny Cash singing over toppling pins and washers sudsing duds to dropping 8-balls? Drink it in…

Downtown Raleigh does have a laundry mat – it’s on Morgan Street beside the best burger joint around – Burger Hut. Great folks run this mom-n-pop shop and the walls are covered in Wolfpack newspaper clippings. I recommend the special, Tom Cruise style.