Person Street in 2011

Know it?

Goodnight Raleigh does an amazing job – yet again – of giving us the history and current life of Person Street in pictures.

From downtown, it travels one-way into the Mordecai neighborhood. An uneventful trip until you reach Krispy Kreme donuts, where Peace Street dead-ends and a grappling strip of seemingly random businesses and out-of-businesses begins.

That pretty much sums it up from the outside. But looking inside a few of the doors you’ll find businesses, established and new, striving to be less distant relatives to the booming growth of downtown Raleigh, and more a legitimate part of the family.

#549, at the corner of peace and person: Krispy Kreme’s icing on the donut: Cheerwine-cream filled donuts and a run-till-you-puke-donut-glaze annual race that attracted ~7500 people and raised $100,000 for NC Children’s Hospital this year.

#618, at the corner of person and pace: From pizza pie to Piebird, this lunch and dinner biz moved in after Conti’s Italian Market moved out. Tear. A curried chicken “hand-pie” + a side is $6.50. A chicken pot pie entree runs you $11. And a slice a sweet pie is $5.50. The first annual Raleigh Oktoberfest is happening across the street, Sat. Oct 1.

Person Street Pharmacy is next door… and there used to be a bulk order/catering company across the street but I don’t see ANY information online… out of business?

Then there’s a slight scattering of others including Marsh Woodwinds and Nicole’s Art Gallery before you’ve run out of road and residential Mordecai pops up before Capital Blvd.

Marsh Woodwinds Upstairs hosts a literary and performance event this Saturday evening at 8pm. Organized by Scott Huler — the Piedmont Laureate — the One & One Festival will present writers and musicians who read/play an original piece AND then one by someone they admire. Free admission, free food and BYOB.*

*not a Piedmont Laureate program event

Even the rain can’t keep us away

Going downtown tonight. Friends here from out of town. There’s really no where else to consider taking them for dinner and a good time.

Depending on how many people we have with us, maybe we’ll try out the new place in City Market at the corner of Blount and Davie – Battistella’s, a New Orleans kitchen. Since it’s open till 1am, if they don’t have room for us I may try to at least stop in for a moment while we’re running around.

I had a very brief moment there yesterday [when I dropped off a copy of the Raleigh Public Record’s first print edition, a voter guide] and was immediatly drawn in. The room at the entrance was dark and open, one of my favorite combinations. Through and to the right is a smaller room with exposed brick and old world peeling plaster walls, bright and genuine. Another great combination.

That band…um, Widespread Panic?…is that it?…is playing tonight at the Raleigh Amphitheater and it will be raining. So, let’s hope they got this kink worked out. Ha, whoopsydaisy! [Notting Hill, anyone?]

I don’t have any pics related to all this jibberish, so here are a couple I took recently of some neat graffiti: San Francisco and Raleigh.

Hopscotch Begins


As I’m working out of town from a tradeshow for my day job, I constantly find myself thinking of Raleigh, upcoming downtown events and this blog. I want to talk to you! Be heading to Hopscotch with you! And blog about these things from first-hand experience! Alas, I’m simply not there. And truth be told, I’m accepting it quite well. Why? One reason only…I’m in San Francisco.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Yes.

But can you do one thing for me? Get yourself downtown this weekend, tickets or not. Cause when the Downtown Dame can’t party, you party for her.