Late Night Revivers

Instead of seeing and doing then posting in a routine and timely fashion, for about a month and a half my focus was to maximize offline vs. online… outside vs. inside… sun/wind/environment vs. controlled/generated/blah… for as long as it took to clear the air. I embraced the good fortune of mid-70s weather Raleigh had from Halloween (when it can easily be freezing cold) to a couple weeks ago (and we’re still at a high of mid-50s) and as always, it paid off.

I’ve got a few reviews and my writing fingers back, so let’s save the best for first.

Fox Liquor Bar is located behind it’s big sister, Beasley’s Chicken & Honey, at the corner of Wilmington and Martin Streets. The neon LIQUOR sign is oddly inconspicuous, unless you know what you’re looking for, then take a quick left down the stairs and inside to a dark but creatively lit room. My three visits were each met with the sights and sounds of various groups of people, enjoying their well-crafted cocktails in a room of black leather furniture set up to accommodate socializing with crew or stranger. Behind the bar, the life of the party, ladies and gents in vest, tie and tat serve out the best cocktails in town for $11 even. There’s also beer and a little food (cheese + meats + olives), making Fox the ultimate late night reviver.

Recommend: Queen Park Swizzle

Next up, London Bridge – a new bar on Hargett Street, across from Landmark (still a favorite because they just do it right, ok?), and sure to be a hit in the spring and summer with a back patio that opens up to an interior space/overgrown lawn large enough for a few picnic tables. Inside, grab your draft beer by the neon Bud Light sign.

And a shout out to…

Tir Na Nog – delicious beer, nachos and beer cheese soup

The Oxford – though an odd bar, fabulous food ($$$)

Busy Bee – crafty, short list of cocktails including The Queen Bee and Monk’s Blood