Celebrate your daily planet

Earth Day is today but I started celebrating yesterday when I bought a microwave on craigslist. I find this buying practice to be very rewarding because not only do I keep one more item from the landfill, even if just postponing it, but it’s an opportunity to connect with my community. I always get something out of it that I didn’t expect, which is now what I expect and makes the experience fun. Yesterday, I found a new road in a neighborhood I thought I had all figured out, the house was my favorite sweet blue (smile), and though the seller had not been sleeping well for what seemed to be several nights, he was kind and asked for less than it was listed for. Yeah, no big deal, but the point is it shifted my perspective ever so slightly. And that, to me, is what makes living together on this planet so interesting.


The Daily Planet is finished! Bus it for free (CAT or R-LINE) to the Grand Opening of the Nature Research Center.

Music Fest on Hillsborough Street (4pm – 1am)


Morning! Times: Casey Porn, Bobby Logic

Yesterday, the artist-barista at Morning Times, Casey Porn, and I contemplated the size of the real version of this piece of art (above with a side of lobster bisque). She mentioned a cigarette pack. Interesting. And he’s the guy who did the large murals in the restrooms at Big Boss Tavern. Very interesting.

So, who is Bobby Logic?

From what I can tell, he’s one of our own and I can be sure, that is very cool. His style is emotional, logical, loud and stunning. And he’s all over the place. You can find his art in print, products, clothing, tattoos, murals, and CDs. He was a Featured Artist at The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, NV for 2008-2010, and his art and music have been featured in films The Road to Sundance, The Great Fantastic, and Paradise Boys.

Check him out tonight during First Friday @ Morning Times on Hargett Street.

Hidden Parks & Gardens

I get this neat feeling when I come across a hidden park or garden in Raleigh. It’s similar to how I felt when I watched The Secret Garden when I was little (’87 version). It’s a private spot. In the midst of the world, you are your own special person in that small, special place.

And Raleigh has a ton of them.

I personally know that in my neighborhood and those surrounding it, the Parks Department gardeners regard their parks like a pet or child, and there seems to be one every few hundred yards. Most of the time, there is a thin line between park and garden… hidden nooks and benches, vines and flowers, hints of mystery and adventure.

Seek out a hidden spot, and whether you sit for awhile or admire it from afar, it’s the feeling, the moment you take, that’s important.