5 easy ways to show you’re thankful this holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! I am thankful for you and hope you have a fun, happy turkey day.

Sometimes the stress of travel and buying and preparing makes it hard to relax enough to show how thankful we are for the good things in our lives. So, I’ve listed five, sure-fire ways to make the most of it:

1. Hug the people you visit two seconds longer than normal. They’ll be able to tell.

2. Offer to help do something… anything.. It can be as simple as holding the door, holding the casserole, or holding the baby so your Aunt can finish her meal.

3. Compliment the host, or the one person who really did all the work to make the meal or day happen. If it is a woman, compliment her clothes or jewelry. All you have to say is, “I like your ___.” It’s SO easy. And might sound shallow but it’s all about how it makes this person feel — lighter. If it is a man, compliment his skill and ability to provide to the group. Just say, “Wow, really great job getting all this done. Thanks!”

4. Bring a gift. I’m talking small, you could pick something up at your local grocery store or Rite Aid. And the host may be your Mom or Uncle Al, so nothing special, right? Wrong. Very special. This person tirelessly offers their home and care to make you smile. So, pick up a small plant (maybe an herb?), a tin of nuts, smell-good candle, or a favorite drink.

5. Breathe. Find that moment when no one’s talking to you specifically, you don’t have to answer a question, and just look around. Whomever you’ve decided to spent the holiday with, these are your people. Be thankful for them and yourself.

Friday Funday: a poll


I love polls. Not boringly long surveys—but polls, with their direct questions and short answers that make me think and answer, for just a quick second. There’s something satisfying about it. So, from now on I’ll bring you a Friday poll, or something similar, that’s fun to answer or think about for just a moment on your it’s-almost-the-weekend day.

Today’s poll:  How often do you go downtown?

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