One giant leap forward… for open source

The All Things Open conference begins in Raleigh today at the Convention Center downtown. Leaders in the tech and open source industry will share their thoughts, expertise, and inspiration with us—over 500 (will we surpass 600?) attendees.

Yesterday, I walked through the grand Convention Center on Salisbury Street… for the first time. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. My picture is even taken right out front, by Sir Walter Raleigh and the pond.

So, today is a day of firsts. The inaugural All Things Open conference and the first of its kind in Raleigh. Plus, my first conference at the Convention Center and role as a media sponsor (with the team: Jason Hibbets and Ginny Skalski).

The open source why

The purpose of the All Things Open conference is right up our alley at, where we aim to share stories from all over the world about how open source software, hardware, and methodologies are implemented in business, education, government, health, law, and other areas of life (from music to beer to cars). It’s all about sharing, spreading, and fueling the open source movement—and the goodness that is the fruit of that labor.

Resources and reading

The team completed, gathered, and prepared interviews of some of the speakers prior to the conference. We asked them how they got started in open source, what open source means to them and how they use it in their business and life, and finally, we got a sneak preview into what they’ll be sharing at the conference. See a listing of each interview here—no matter your background, it’s valuable to peer into the lives of these techy folks and take something to inspire your own goals. Download them all as an eBook here.

If you’re new to open source, check this out. We have free eBooks, reading lists, and more too.

A glance at my day:


— arrive and tweet about it (#ATO2013 #happyface), then get my badge and more coffee!

— welcome and keynotes

— check out some open source talks


— meet and greet some of our twitter followers (@opensourceway) at the #oswtweetup; drop by the Internet Lounge! or sign up here if you don’t have a conference pass


— check out some open source talks

— video interviews with some of the conference speakers! (see these later on our YouTube channel)


Thursday will look much the same, minus the Tweet Up, plus more speaker interviews and open source talks.


If you’re attending, drop me a line and let me know what your experience was like. And, if you’d like to contribute to, share your story with us here.

Cold pressed for the cold weather: Juice shop list

↑ photo collage of my instagram photos of Raleigh Raw

Raw, fresh juice is all the rage in downtown Raleigh right now. (Microbrews also abound.) Here’s a roundup of juice shops with store fronts in or that deliver to downtown Raleigh.

Some new, some who’ve been around. Some offer weekly subscriptions, some you can only get upon delivery to your local cafe. Find out who they are and what’s so special about these Raleigh juicers here.

Humdinger » Thirst in Flight.

Humdinger Facebook page


Balance, Glow, Lift, Calm

Get it: Located at 5024-H Departure Drive. Pick up for pre-ordered juice only, delivery subscription, order online.

Two words: Sibling duo.

Happy + Hale » Healthy delivered.

Happy + Hale Facebook page


Spice O’ Life, Kale Krusader, Beet It, Rise N’ Shine, So Long Sweet Summer (Plus, 6 meal options!)

Get it: Located at the juice cart on Fayetteville Street most days of the week, pick up there or order online.

Two words: Free hugs.

Raleigh Raw » Organic. Small batch. Cold pressed.

Raleigh Raw Facebook page


Kale Me Maybe. Regulator. Be No Ego. Tang. Morning Glory. Rock Steady.

Get it: Located at 444 S. Blount Street. Pick up at Morning Times, Helios, and Indigo Hot Yoga, order online, and sign up for the Frequent Buyer Program.

Two words: Local farmers.

Cold off the press » Specialized. Seasonal. Juice.

Cold off the press juices


Citrus Zing, SupDoc, Roots, The Tribute, Verde Terrace (plus, boosters and almond milk)

Get it: Located at 219 Fayetteville Street, beside Quiznos in the alley. Pick up, order online, and subscribe for juice cleanse packages.

Two words: Cartoon logo.

Shopping for furniture in Raleigh

I’ve been a little MIA over the past week or so—moving will do that to you. Right now, I’m looking for a desk. What I have in mind is something with a simple yet elegant design, preferably with a real wood or strong metal frame. Dark brown (to match two pieces of furniture in the room and one large piece of artwork) or black (to match many of the other frames in the room) or a color (the color scheme in our den ranges in red, rose, cream, yellow, and teal). Also, the desk needs some storage.

So far, I’ve been to…

Father & Son, where a bought a fantastic black velvet blazer, silk full-length green gloves (for my butterfly Halloween costume), and the most perfect winter coat/cape (like this one but a yellow/cream color with gold buttons). I can’t wait to be more crazy about it (when the weather dips and I start wearing it) than I already am! (Perhaps Mad Men is getting to me?) The desk selection was low to none; I can’t even recall seeing one but I’m sure there was one or two. However, not what I was looking for and not within my budget. Father & Son has amazing furniture, though. Great finds that hardly need a thing done to them. Mint condition, vintage furniture.

Nadeau is a new furniture shop in Cameron Village, between Fresh Market and Talbot’s. Really cool and cute stuff! Lots of bookcases, tables, end tables, and storage furniture, but not a lot of desks. The prices weren’t bad for the product, but were on the higher end, reflecting the higher-end quality of the wood and the paint jobs. Lots of color! I loved it.

Pier One in Cameron Village is almost always a hit and a miss for me. A while back I bought a large glass, teal vase and a few pillows—all of which I love and am currently admiring as I write this. But, for furniture, it’s not the place. Their loveseats look amazing, their desks are nice, but the prices for what I presume to NOT be high-end wood are a little high. Great customer service.

Target—online and in the store, I like the Threshold collection. The desk looked nice in person, but I wasn’t sure if it was the one. I felt good about it being a good fall-back if I don’t find something else. I know that sooner rather than later I’ll reach the day when I just can’t sit at the kitchen table to do work anymore!

Honorable mention

The Ikea in Charlotte is not in Raleigh but I have to mention it. Did you know people have gotten married there? It’s a thing, y’all. So, I’ve heard wonderful things about Ikea store, from the furniture to the food (get the Swedish meatballs!), but have never been. We are full up on room in our new house for any new furniture other than my desk, so I probably won’t make the trip just yet—but one day, I will go to Ikea! I looked at their desks online and they have lots of great looking ones, but I’d have to order it, pay for shipping, and assemble it without being sure it’s the one. I really want to see my new desk in person.

Still to go

Cheshire Cat Gallery in Cameron Village has a small vintage selection that’s pretty great but usually overpriced—I might go look anyway.

HomeGoods on Falls of Neuse is an option, though I’ve only been to a HomeGoods once and this is a little bit of a drive for me. But, this awesome vintage decorator swears by them.


Where else? I’d love to hear your suggestions and stories about shopping for furniture in Raleigh!

All politics is local

Today Raleigh votes on:

  • the mayor
  • the City Council
  • a new bond for Wake County school construction
  • a new bond to fund transportation projects in Raleigh

Follow live blogging by the Raleigh Public Record on their site. And, check out their Voting Guide for who’s running and for what:

Raleigh Public Record staff spoke to almost every candidate running for Raleigh City Council and the Wake County Board of Education. We asked candidates the same set of questions, transcribed their answers, and cut [them] down to fit the space in this guide.

P.S. Not sure where to vote? Look up your voter information here.