Buying produce downtown

I’m a minimalist who thrives on simplicity. My best work gets done when the kitchen is clean and the plants are fed. My happiest moments are when I have all of the tools I need and a blank slate to create something… whether it’s a Darling & Dear greeting card, a batch of Kombucha, or a new blog post.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on reducing waste wherever I can, and it’s not easy.

I want to:

  • drive less long distances
  • bike more short distances
  • use less energy to heat and cool the house
  • remember reusable bags for my groceries
  • use less throw-away napkins and paper towels
  • turn lights off I’m not using (pretty good at this, thanks Dad!)

Groceries and local produce

With this minimalist mind-set and focus on local foods, I often find myself calculating where and when is the most convenient time to shop for groceries. Particuarly, produce. My two go-to places are usually the NC Farmer’s Market off Centennial Parkway (near Lake Wheeler Road) and The LoMo Market (a traveling local mobile market). Both are excellent, but don’t provide me with the most convenient solutions for someone working downtown and living 10 minutes from the office. I want to shop for produce while I’m already where I need to be. Kroger and Trader Joe’s are near my house, but require me to set aside more time just for that activity AND drive.

Two of my better options are:

  1. City Market Produce (open Thursday – Saturday from 7am – 6pm)
  2. Downtown Raleigh Farmer’s Market (open Wedesndays from 10am – 2pm)

But, I often hope for a Deep Roots-type grocery store. When will downtown Raleigh get it’s very own complete, grocery store? I don’t know, but I’ve submitted the idea to the Planning for Raleigh initiative with Mind Mixer. Go tell me what you think of it and let Raleigh officials know what’s important to you.

On my lunch break, I went to City Market Produce for veggies. There are two sellers, both with some of the same things as well as some different items. It’s no problem what you pick up and from whom you are buying—just be aware that’s how it works. They also sell nuts, jams, pickled veggies, and candy. It’s open air and super friendly. Enjoy!